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Excalibur arrow puller
Excalibur S5 Replacement pads
Rubber stoppers for Excalibur
Excalibur X-Slick Rail oil
Excalibur 30mm scope rings
30mm scope rings to suit most Weaver rails. Fits Overwatch scope
Excalibur Micro String
Excalibur Poncho Crossbow Case soft
Length: approx. 103cm (40") Width: approx. 86cm (33")
Excalibur Ex-Sling
The Ex-Sling features denier construction straps with non-slip grips for easy shoulder carry. Universal, heavy-duty swivel connectors make the sling easy to attach...
Excalibur Trailblazer broadheads 3pack
100 or 125g expandable
Excalibur Proflight arrows 20
points sold seperately
Excalibur Explore Takedown Case
Excalibur Overwatch scope
The Overwatch Crossbow Scope is the premium choice in compact, lightweight, durable crossbow scopes. Featuring an Illuminated Multi-plex reticle with 2X-5X magnification...
Excalibur Charger EXT cocking aid
Fits Micro and bulldog crossbows. Winch changes the draw weight to 12 pounds.