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3D Target Hanging Cube 38cm
Spot On 3D Target Hanging Cube 38x38x38cm - Self Heal Foam - High Density. Note these targets fall apart and you will need to wrap it in Gaffa Tape to hold it together.
Spot on Hawk 15-45# 23
Axle to Axle 34" Brace Height 7". Comes with 2 piece bow quiver, sight. High quality US limbs, Machined cams, full string set.
Spot On Rogue Compound bow 30-70# 23.5-30.5
IBO 320 fps, Bow weight 3.9#, Axle to axle 30", brace height 7.4". Bow comes with peep, dloop, 2 piece bow quiver, 12 Carbon arrows, Sight, Rest, Release, stabilizer,...