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Lumenok Extiguisher and arrow puller
The Lumenok Extinguisher and Arrow Puller helps easily turn off your Lumenok lighted nocks. It does this through the use of a grip that attaches to your arrow shaft...
Lumenok fishing arrow adaptor 2pc
The Lumenok Equipped Fishing arrow Adapter allows you to equip your 5/15" diameter fiberglass fishing arrows with Lumenoks. Each pakage comes with 2 adapers made...
Lumenok H nock adaptor for .166 arrows
Lumenok H nocks are not included- They must be ordered separately This adapter is an Outsert designed to be fit to any 4mm ID shafts that are between .218" and .256"...
Lumenok combo pack x4 nocks
Fits all .244 and .245 carbon arrows Includes 4 nocks, 2 spare batteries and an Lumenok Extinguisher
Lumenok 22
3 pack
Lumenok 20
3 pack