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3D Targets

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Headhunter 3D boar replacement center
To replace the center of the boar
Headhunter Rabbit 3D Target
3Di Frog Target
22.5X25X19cm Different Colours Available
Marten 3D target
17X39X18cm 1.9kg
SRT Turtle 3D target
18" X 16" X 8" Made in italy
Eleven 3D Duck
41X23X18cm 2kg
Eleven Falcon 3D target
22X35X15cm 1.9kg
Varanus Lizard 3D target
50x23x13 cm. 2 kg.
Eleven Artic Hare
Eleven 3D Owl
70X27X35cm weighs 8kg
Headhunter 3D Cube Green
for use with broadheads.40cmX40cmX40cm
Rinehart Asian carp
Otter 3D target
60X30X26cm 5.2kg
Eleven Crocodile 3D target
112X26X35cm 3.4kg
Headhunter 3D boar
87X60X29cm - replaceable center
Eleven Triceratops 3D target
95X42X60 cc Weights 11kkg
Eleven Wolverine 3D target
Rinehart 3D White small bear
28" X 11"
Muflon Bedded 3D Target
Size: 62×105 cm.
SRT Ibex bedded 3D Target
96x43cm High quality, high density foam target built to last.