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String Material

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BCY B55 1/4lb string material
100% polyester, similar to Dacron but with better durability and very low stretch. Primarily used for recurves, but also used on older compound crossbows and traditional...
BCY 652 Spectra Bowstring Material 1/4lb (fast flight)
Spectra bowstring, same as the original Fast FlightTM - still the choice of many recurve shooters worldwide.
Brownell Fast Flight 1/4# Black
Popular string which increases arrow speed
BCY 452X 1/4lb String Material
67% SK75 Dyneema®, 33% Vectran. Good arrow speed. No creep; completely stable.
BCY 8125 1/4lb String Material
100% SK75 Dyneema® fiber. Highest speed and higher durability; preferred by some compound shooters - particularly 3D. Also, the choice of Olympic-style recurve shooters...
Brownell Xcel string material 1/4 lb
Unmatched stability and amazing speed. Extremely soft and quiet shot. 1/3 Vectran 2/3 SK75 Dyneema. Small diameter
BCY 8190 1/4 lb bowstring material
The toughest bowstring material ever made. Stability, speed, safety, durability & reliability.