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stabilizer extender

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Topoint Top-X Carbon Stabilizer Extender
Topoint top-x carbon stabilizer extender available in: red, green. blue, purple, silver and orange.
Spot on 4
Thin stabilizer extender.
SF Ultimate Extender
Carbon 3",4" and 5"
SF Elite Dampener
Blade like design. The blade shape is designed to reduce wind resistance
Win & Win S21 Extender
WIAWIS S21 stabilizer features not only offer better shooting feeling but also give technological advancements on current competitive stabilizers.
Win & Win HMC 22 Extender Stabilizer
The thickness of the carbon is reduced to reduce vibration. Improved damening, absorbing shock and controlling torque.
Win & Win ACS-EL Stabilizer- Extender
Win and Win ACS-EL Stabilizer has increased stiffness using a tapered tube. Graphene to increase the rigidity of the rod.
Topoint Top x pro main bar Stabilizer SHORT
Topoint X pro Carbon stabilizer Short