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Fastflight Strings for Recurves

Recurve Strings


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I’m going for a 27” riser with 70” limbs, what should be the correct string length Yes I know, I’m almost 2 m height

That will make a 72" bow. That is rather rare and will likely need a custom string made for that length.

Hello, I just ordered a 25 inch riser and 70 inch limbs and I am unsure to what string to get.

Our strings are packaged and labeled to correspond to bow length and not the strings length, any string labeled as 70'' should be suitable for a 70'' bow regardless of the fact the string would not be 70''

I Want a fast flight string to suit my 68" recurve and to fit small hole nocks in my arrows,how many strands will give me the best size?


I got a 60" recurve bow, 16 strands. What's the correct size string should I get.

60" string

Is the thickness of the Fastflight string the same as the Dacron string with the same strand count? As in the same size nock for both types of string?

No Fast flight is thinner.

Good Morning, What string would you recommend for the Cartel Viper in 50lb draw? Regards Chris

Dacron 68" 16 strand.

Hi, I'm chasing a string for a Long Bow 70# e28" ml 10 amo70 8058 ... do i order a string for a seventy inch recurve in a 14 strand?

The strings for longbow and recurve tend to be the same. Although I don't know your longbow. These are standard strings.

I have a 66" bow and weight is 22lbs and adjustable to 28lbs. It has a SF premium riser and limbs, what strand string would I require for this bow 16 or 18. Kind regards Roz Agar

FF 18 seems to fit most nocks but 16 may be better for the low poundage but you will need small nocks on the arrows.

Is it actual string length or AMO length? So, is 68" the string for 68" AMO bow (and therefore about 64" actual length), or is it actually 68" and therefore for 72" recurve?

Strings are AMO size so you order a 68" string for a 68" bow - the actual length of the string will be 64 1/2" roughly.

Will this string work with a Martin Jaguar?

60" 16 str

Hi, how does the bow weight relate to the 16 and 18 strand strings that you offer. Also, why do fastflight only come in 66, 68, and 70"? thanks

Fast Flight tend to be used for Target archery which is 66, 68 and 70". The strands are more about the nock size. I tend to use 18 strand. 16 strands is very uncommon. If you had a 20# bow you might use 16 but you would probably just use dacron.

Hi, are fastFlight strings suitable for SF optima bows, and also for Cartel bows?


hi, are fastfligt strings suitable for the cartel and SF Optimo bows?


Your website showing Fastflight Strings for recurve bows asks for strands (fine) and recurve strings?? What does this mean? I want to order a string for bow length 64" and string length 60". I can't see how to do this. Can you help? Regards, Mike

We don't have fast flight string for a 64". Fast flight strings only go down to 66".

Hi. Just wondering if I'd be able to get this string in 56" for a recurve with a 60" AMO.

sorry I only stock Fast Flight in 66",68" and 70" Thanks