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Bohning Pro Class Fletching Jig
Great value with magnetic clamp

Fletcher type

Product Description
Great value with magnetic clamp
Reviews (2)
Name : Anonymous
Location : Day(s)
Title : Relativly cheap, 3 or 4 feather.
Review : Relativly cheap, 3 or 4 feather. Bad nock grip, unable to change cock feather alignment Bohing Fletching Jig Online Shopper

Name : Anonymous
Location : Month(s)
Title : Low cost
Review : Low cost need to take care when aligning fletchings with shaft Good for the money Online Shopper

Questions (3)
Do these jigs fletch right helical or more like a straight offset? Thanks

The RW version is a right helical, the LW is a left helical and the straight is a straight clamp. Offset is adjustable on all of them.

is this suitable for all size arrows ? Currently have 2sizes buying .166 so 3 different sizes soon

yes this will work with all arrows

Hi there. I wanted to purchase this item a few months ago, and after i put the order through it turned out you had none in stock. Just wondering if you had them in stock (R/W Helical) and if i could order one now. Thank you in advance. Keiron

Plenty of them