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Easton Jazz Shafts dz
economical beginner shafts


Arrow Cut / Draw Length

Product Description

Archery Supplies distributes Easton Jazz shafts throughout Australia.

Jazz shafts are popular with begineer archers

  • 7075 Alloy
  • Strength (psi): 85,000
  • Weight tolerance: ±2%
  • Straightness: ±.006" (.012" T.I.R.)
  • Hard-anodized purple/silver
  • Sizes: 1916, 1816, 1716, 1616, 1516, 1416, 1413, 1214
  • Full-diameter taper swage
  • Components - Sold separately
Easton Jazz points 1816 are no longer available but Nibb points will fit instead.
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Questions (5)
what size inserts would I need for Easton Jazz 1816 arrows?

1816 inserts or 1816 nibb points

how many shafts do you get with a single $52 order? I've browsed other Arrow/shaft listings and none of them describe how many come in a single order. is there a standard assumed number?

dz which is 12.

Hi, Have two of my children who want to start shooting, target recurve. I have shot for many years and they now want to join in. Looking at 2 x of your PSE Optima recurves 62" 20 lb. Both draw 24", 11 year olds and growing rapidly. What spine rating would you suggest in the Easton Jazz arrows. Guessing I would probably cut the arrows at about 26" to allow for growth.


Hi, First time making my own arrows. What else do I need to finish the arrow. Eg: points and tapered nocks (18/16) size.

You need points - the points are the same size as the shaft - so 1816 shafts 1816 easton nibb point. You need nocks 1816 should be 9/32 or 5/16 nocks they come in packet of 100. You need vanes and that is it.

Do these shafts require the separate purchase of other components (such as uni-bushings) in order to fit nocks? Or are they swaged at one end into a cone so you just glue on a traditional nock?

1214 use G nocks so a thin carbon nock. All other sizes have a swaged end so they use a traditional nock.