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PSE Kingfisher bowfishing kit
56" bow length. Comes with fishing reel, arrow, arrow rest and bow

bow weight

Product Description
Get your bowfishing package at an affordable price from PSE. The Kingfisher Bowfishing kit is a complete bowfishing package that includes a front mounted reel with an arrow ready to install on the included recurve bow and is finished in All Season camo. Available in three sizes and right hand only. MADE IN ITALY
Reviews (5)
Name : Dan
Location : Armidale
Title : Awesome
Review : Started shooting with this bow around the farm just messing about and found it very nice. Now however I've joined the local club and after fitting a few extras I have to say I'm very impressed. I was looking at something to get me started Nd while not 'idesl' I'm shooting 800 odd out of 900 at 30m. The only issue I have is tgat it's hard to fit a clicker but everything bolts on sweet. V bar setup - shibuya ultima- custom string - AAE free flight micro.

Name : Anonymous
Location : Day(s)
Title : Great, cheap, beautiful shooting, affordable, comfortable and durable bowfishing bow!
Review : Great, cheap, beautiful shooting, affordable, comfortable and durable bowfishing bow! Poor quality string Rooksy

Name : Anonymous
Location : Day(s)
Title : fast, easy to set up, comes with chocolate
Review : fast, easy to set up, comes with chocolate loud, a bit heavy

Name : Anonymous
Location : Month(s)
Title : durable,fires beautifully with silencers and stablizer... really quiet,consistant
Review : durable,fires beautifully with silencers and stablizer... really quiet,consistant sore arm from 500 or so shots because i love it Bradsta

Name : Anonymous
Location : Day(s)
Title :
Review :

Questions (17)
is this kingfisher bow the old darker green colour ,which is what i am after. Do you ship to NEw Zealand?

All the Kingfishers we have now are the new ones.

Hi archeryshop. Do you currently have 2x 50lb kingfisher bowfishing kits in stock? if not what stock do you have of kingfishers. Brenton

We have 2x 50# Kingfishers in just a bow. In the kit we have 40# and 35#

Hi. Ive never used a bow before. Im 6'2" 95kg What pound kingfisher bowfishing kit would you suggest ? Thanks ian

It is best to try a bow at a local club or store before ordering a bow. Everyone is different and we cannot recommend a draw weight over the internet.

Hi, was wondering, as someone completely new this, what other accessories should I buy with this kit?

The kit has everything for bow fishing. If you are going to shoot targets you will need some carbon arrows and a stick on arrow rest, maybe a glove for your fingers

Hi, a few questions: 1- is the 2016 model available yet? 2- does the new riser have true centreshot rest offset in the sight window? 3- are the old model limbs interchangeable with the new? 4- is the bowfishing kit for 2016 using the same accessories as before? Thank you

The Kingfisher went unchanged for 2016. So it is all the same as the 2015 model.

Hi, I'm wanting a bowfishing kit that includes everything that you will need for river fishing for my partner. Can you help me out please? Thanks - Tiffany

I would suggest the PSE Kingfisher.

Is this the old model or the 2015 edition?


Good afternoon, I am new to bow hunting for fish and was wondering if you could answer a few questions. 1 my young fella is 12 and reasonably strong what pound rating do you recommend.2 when you say it is right hand only does that mean the bow is held in the right hand or the arrow. Thanks Jay

Bow is held in left hand. A 12 year old will only shoot 10-20# The Kingfisher is from 40#

What are the limbs and riser made from?

Riser is cast alloy, Limbs Solid Fibreglass

How much would shipping to Brisbane cost. Also can this be used for say hunting. thanks Isaac

The website calculates it but at a guess $15-$20 with $1000 insurance with couriers please. The Kingfisher is used alot for hunting due to the bow been to solid. It has a metal riser and glass limbs so really tough

hi just wondering if the PSE Kingfisher is a take down bow


hi i am brand new to this... so i was wondering with the sizes is that in inches on in cm? also what is the fishing reel for? and do i have to use that fishing reel every time or is it just for when i want to use it?

The fishing reel is for fishing. 60" is 150cm. Archery is all in Inches.

Do you still have the PSE Kingfisher in stock? Thanks, Matt

Yes lots of them

Is a bow stringer supplied or will I need to buy one separate?

Need to buy seperate

I'm new to this. But does this model dismantle for storage and transport?

Yes it is 3 pieces the limbs just fit in the riser