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Bohning Blazer Vanes 2" 100pkt
Tests revel that the bohning blazer vanes offers superior arrow stability


Product Description

Bohning Blazer Vanes

Blazing a new frontier in broadhead flight! With all the steering capabilities of a 4" vane, The Blazer will amaze you with its silence, accuracy & flight characteristics. All this and only 2" of vane! Welcome to the new frontier of broadhead flight! Maximum accuracy, Maximum durability, Minimum noise...and now, Maximum steering with Minimum weight! Each vane weighs only 5 grains! Available in 18 colors. Comes in packs of 100. The bases of all Bohning vanes are chemically treated to promote intense adhesion. No need to clean the bases.

Detailed Description
                                                  VANE COLORS


  HOT PINK              BLUE




 ORANGE              FLO ORANGE

 PURPLE               FLO RED

 RED                     FLO GREEN

 WHITE                 FLO YELLOW

Archery Supplies is the Australian Distributor of Balzer Vanes.

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Questions (3)
Hi do you have any in hot pink cheers and white

No, we do not

i was wondering if it was possible to get a mix bag of 33 white and 67 neon green would this be possible? thanks

Sorry they come from Bohning is packets.

Hi, I would like to purchase a bulk quantity of blazer vanes in a assortment pack bout 1000 or 2000 vanes of different colours. what would be the cost of this. ? Kind regards Mitch

We don't do discounts so it is just 10 packets at the price. Also with the dollar dropping if prices have not moved expect them to.