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Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Replacement
This replacement whisker biscuit fits: Sure Shot Sure Shot Pro Dead Shot Power Shot Quick Shot


Product Description
Upgrade your Original or Drop-Tine Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest® with the Quick Shot Kit. Provides fast and easy arrow loading. The Quick Shot biscuit will compliment any bow but is perfectly suited to enhance an expandable broadhead setup. The entry slot is tapered to allow Quick and Easy Arrow Loading while Preventing brush snags when stalking or walking to your stand. The sturdy design means your biscuit will not be bent or twisted and gives you the Confidence to know your shot will always be on target!
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Questions (4)
Trophy Ridge whisker biscuit insert. What size do I need. Mostly I shoot ,245 diam shafts. Others are a bit fatter ...the stock standard knock-about type.

.245 arrows fit in a medium biscuit

I'm looking for a replacement biscuit for my Trophy Ridge. For a .245 shaft I choose large medium or small? I'm a backyard plinker and curious about the $7 "Bristle" replacement biscuit. I could wear out 4 of those for less money than 1 of the "real" ones. Would the "bristle" insert fit my Trophy Ridge body? I can't see Victory VForce Gamer 400 arrows on your site. Do you have?

The cheap biscuit wont fit into the Trophy Ridge one. A .245 shaft wants a medium size whisker biscuit. No Gamer 400 in stock at this very moment.

What size would I need for kinetic shafts

Medium or small

Hello, I am after a replacement for my whisker Biscuit rest, I'm a bit confused with what size (small, medium or Large) I need? I use standard carbon arrows. Thanks