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WNS SF-100 Cow leather Finger Tab
Aluminium plate, finger spacer, chin piece and retractor. **Same as the SF Elite Finger Tab**



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Product Description
Aluminium plate, finger spacer, chin piece and retractor. **Same as the SF Elite Finger Tab**
Reviews (4)
Name : Kyttkat
Location :
Title :
Review : Great value tab, shot about 8,000 arrows with this and still going strong. Screws all hold well, finger spacer is fine, shelf gives a good positive reference and I like the finger guard. I tried without the finger guard recently but given I'm so used to it, my scores dropped markedly - straight back on. The finger loop is worthy of note as I only ever use one hand to put it on (and no teeth!). Looking for something a bit heavier now, but if I had the same budget, I definitely buy this tab again.

Name : Jason
Location :
Title :
Review : This finger tab is rather comfortable but takes a bit of getting used to if you haven't used a tab with a finger spacer. The leather protects the fingers very well and doesn't put any pressure on them. The postage of the item was great and was packaged well, it was delivered within 3 days to Melbourne and had a welcoming customer service.

Name : Anonymous
Location :
Title :
Review : Great value, top quality tab with shelf, finger spacer and finger holder. Love it.

Name : Anonymous
Location : Day(s)
Title : Nice Finish,Stong Build,Quality Leather
Review : Nice Finish,Stong Build,Quality Leather Takes a little while to get used to Exy

Questions (4)
Can you please let me know how to measure the size for the AVALON FINGER TAB CLASSIC and the WNS SF-100 finger tabs? Just wanting to confirm the sizes before ordering. Also if you have any comment on one over the other that’d be appreciated too. Cheers

There is no real method for measuring tab sizes. If you have a medium-sized hand then a medium-sized tab will work. The leather on a finger tab is designed to be cut and shaped to suit an individual. They are both very similar.

Available in BL large L/H ??

We have Large L/H in stock. I have a few, normally black and may have blue and red. It depends on stock at the time.

have you got these in LH (Large) yet?


can we get a black one large for a left hander? We need two right large and one left large. Can the right handed ones be reversed to be a left handed tab?

I only ordered in R/h however they have been very popular and are good value. So I have ordered L/H.