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Bear Montana Longbow 64" RH
The Montana longbow was first introduced in the late 90s and has become very popular for its clean and classic form. This bow was designed by one of Fred Bear’s long-time bowyers, Grant Neil Byce II. The bow’s slightly reflexed design, tapered limb lamination, leather grip, and slim tips make this longbow big on performance and value.

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The Bear Montana longbow construction:
The black Hard-Rock Maple riser features limbs overlaid with clear white maple, and backed and faced with high strength black fiberglass. The tips are handcrafted and layered with black and white fiberglass. The leather “shoot off the shelf” arrow rest allows for clean arrow flight.
  • Dynaflight 97 Flemish string
  • 64" AMO length
  • FutureWood
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Questions (18)
Hi , just wondering if I able to pay by anz eftpos card. Michael


Hi, I'm very interested in the bear Montana, I'm just wondering what the freight cost would be to Christchurch New Zealand and any other cost. Thanks Michael

Shipping costs are calculated at the checkout before you purchase.

I’m looking for the Montana longbow in brown @30# right hand draw. Is this bow being produced in the brown color configuration any more? It was offered in brown or grey back when I bought my first one 3 or 4 years ago.

The colours advertised on Bears website are what we would be able to get. Bear is advising 9 months to order specific traditional bows at this current moment

Do you have any of the Montana RH 40# in stock? I live local and I'm keen to pick up on the wk end if your open.

Sorry for the delay. Did you still need this info?

Hi Dan here just want to ask do you have the Bear Montana 55# in stock or is it special order??

We stock the entire range of Montana. We obviously sell and have stock come in all the time. Right now I have 3 55# Montana in stock. But that varies.

Do you have a Montana Bear longbow RH 30 or 35 pounds?

Yes 30 and 35 in stock

hi, how are you? do you have in stock any of the following bows: bear montana RH @ 45# or 50# or 55#? thanks

Yes have them all in stock

Do you have a fred bear 64" 35lbs Montana long bow in stock R/H and the price. Thank You

Yes we have two

Do you have aR/H Bear Montana 45lb in stock? If so, what would the shiping be to CAIRNS 4870 Thanks Craig Lawson

We generally do have the bow in stock. The website calculates postage. I would suggest couriers on longbows as australia post can cut them in 2 and Australia post has no insurance. Guess would be $25

G'day, I'm looking for this bow in Left handed. Would there be any chance you have this bow in stock in LH say either 45# or 50#? Cheers, Ben

No - The bow would need to be ordered. Allow 6 months.

Hi are these in stock looking for 45# RH

We do have some Montana longbows in next week. You need to order the bow we fill oldest orders first. There is a 6 month wait on these.

When do you expect the 40# Fred Bear Montana longbow RH to be in stock? What is the postage to Brisbane?

I may have it in stock. I do questions at night. Bear have a 6-9 month wait on these bows. I do have them on order, it would have been on order for months - so each shipment I tend to get a couple but it is hit and miss - so I can really only tell you what I have in stock on that day or order it and wait for it to arrive.

Hi, I am looking to buy my first hunting bow. Just have few questions about bow string, nock sets, and bows. What come with longbow and recurve bow? If I want to shoot rabbits and kangaroo, what kind of board heads should I get? Do I need different string for different size of animals? What kins of arrow should i get for shooting small animals and target shooting? Do I need to buy the arrow tool to fix up arrows? If do, do you sell all these tools. If I buy 2 sets of bows package. Can I get any discount? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks Jamie

Bow comes with String - you need a stringer - glove and arrows. 2 blade broadheads - ribtek are good. No discounts

Hello, Can you tell me if there is still a long wait on the Bear Montana or has stock arrived recently? There are no dates

i do have some - The wait is 8 months if not in stock. I tend to have them on order so it is normally shorter than 8 months.

Hi, Do you have montanas in stock! Chasing a rh 40#.

I have a 35 and 50# in stock. We should have 40# cartel in stock and the Martin longbows only look at 3-4 weeks for supply.