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Flex Fletch vanes 12pkt
Popular vane - Durable, popular with top target archers. Flex Fletch introduces the new Flash vane made especially for hunters

Flex Fletch Colours

Flex Fletch size

Product Description

Archery Supplies has been a distributor of Flex Fletch vanes since 1993.

Flex-Fletch has long been the industry leader in vanes.  They are the most durable vanes on the market.  There is no exception to this.  Flex Fletch vanes are unaffected by temperature including friction.  That is why Flex-Fletch will take a beating and return to shape without the use of a hair dryer.  The time intensive process involved in producing Flex-Fletch vanes is the reason


Vane Legnth Height Weight  
FFP 150 1.5 in .375 3.08  
FFP 175 1.75 in .375 3.08  
FFP 187 1.87 in .312 3.08  
FFP 200 2 in .375 4.6  
FFS 212 2.12 in .375 3.9  
FFP 225 2.25 in .375 3.75  
FFP 250 2.5 in .343 4.6  
FFS 300 3 in .406 6.1  
FFP 300 3 in .406 6.1  
FFP 310 3.1 in .406 6.3

Flex-Fletch Vanes

Flex-Fletch Vanes have been around for many years.  In fact, we were the first all-weather flexible vane on the market that could be glued to any shaft.  We have been making our vanes for over 35 years.  In this case, "The first is the best."  Here are a few good reasons why you should be shooting Flex-Fletch vanes:


Flex-Fletch Vanes are the only vanes that can withstand the constant abuse of tough weather (rain, snow, high humidity) and shoot throughs.  Flex-Fletch has unsurpassed Memory.  How many times have you walked up to the archery butt and found one or more of your arrows buried all the way up to the vanes, or even worse, feathers and thought, "Well, that one is shot,"?    With Flex-Fletch vanes you won't have to worry.  Just grab whatever is sticking out from the front and pull it out.  Or, if it's too far in, pull it right through the butt.  If it's glued on properly you'll just pop it back in your quiver without a second thought.  When you're back on the line and ready to shoot, it will be too!  Outlasts other vanes 4 to 1!


Flex-Fletch Vanes are flexible. Oh sure, others are too, but there is a difference.  A big difference.  As you will read, most vanes on the market today are too flexible.  Even rubbery you might say.  That is not good when it comes to arrow stability, and here's why:  When your arrow is leaving the bow, it bends, then it will try to right itself as it sails through the air.  The guidance system (vanes, feathers) take the brunt of this.  If  those vanes are too rubbery, they act like bad shocks on a car, taking a longer time to stop 'bouncing'.  Flex-Fletch Vanes however, dampen the arrow oscillations and result in quick stabilization of your arrow and end up giving you tighter groups.


When it comes to arrow flight, vibration and flutter of the vanes or feathers is bad!  Vibration causes drag and slows down your arrow.  (Nobody wants a slow arrow, do they?)  Flex-Fletch vanes have been wind tunnel tested at high speeds (282 fps) with zero vibration.  None of the others we tested could even come close.  We will post our new findings when we test again in the future, at higher speeds.


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Hi, What do the numbers correspond to in the Fletch size drop down box?

Yes, the numbers refer to the length of the vane