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Hot Shot X-Spot Brass Knuckles Thumb release
Brass thumb release, really heavy. The trigger is very light and tension and travel can be adjusted.
Product Description
With the same features and precision as our Tempest and Eclipse line of releases, The X-Spot and X-Spot Brass Knuckles adds a new dimension to shootability. The ring provides a new level of support and feel during and after the shot. The X-Spot Brass Knuckle’s additional weight gives a new level of stability all the way through the shot.
Fully adjustable trigger tension.
Fully adjustable trigger travel.
Our proprietary seer polishing and honing method ensures a silky-smooth and ultra-crisp trigger.
Multi-Axis thumb barrel rotation ensures unlimited adjustment for perfect fit in your hand.
Perfect seer alignment, thanks to our exclusive 2-Thirds case design.
Additional surface area at the fingers reduces finger fatigue, even after hours of shooting.
The heavier Brass Knuckles weighs an incredible XXXX Ounces
Available in 3-Finger and 3-Finger Brass Knuckles
If top notch accuracy is your goal (or an obsession) you will find it in our X-Spot and X-Spot Brass Knuckles.
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