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PSE Oryx Longbow 68"
Affordable Longbow from PSE archery.

Bow Maximum Poundage

Handle Type

Product Description
• Crafted from hand-selected woods
• Available for Right or Left hand shooters
• Length: 68”
• Brace height: 7-1/2 – 7-3/4”
• Weights @ 28” draw
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Questions (1)
Hi what arrows would you recommend for the 40 pound version of this bow? (my draw length is 29-30 if that changes anything)?

It depends on how much you want to spend, what you are doing with the bow. I would suggest feathered arrows as they clear the riser better and straighten up faster. Spine is tough because it is a bit of trial and error my starting point would be 600 spine. I like Carbon arrows as they are tough. Goldtip have standard Hunters, Traditional carbon or Win and Win Atrax for a thin carbon.