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Topoint R3 Recurve Hunting bow kit 58" RH
Kit comes with R3 take down bow, 12 arrows, quiver, 5 pin sight, Hostage rest, allen keys, wax, armguard, finger tab, bow string and bow stringer


Bow Maximum Poundage

Product Description
Reviews (1)
Name : Jase
Location : Mount Egerton
Title : Great bow if you put the work in
Review : This is a good *bow*, especially for its price, but just like the engine of a Commodore, the stuff around the bow is cheap and nasty. I got this as for the sole purpose of spotlighting solo. I honestly just wanted a bow I could mount a torch on, but didn't want to spend a lot of money or get a worn out bow second hand. After you set the bow up, you'll find it shoots nice and tight patterns. If your form is good, this bow is very accurate, especially at 10-30 feet, which is what you want for small game. The capture rest it comes with does a surprisingly good job on a recurve, but only if you take the time to tinker with it and have it work with the paradox. Howevwe, keeping it when finger shooting is sacrificing power. If you want to keep it, use a release aid. The stabiliser is really just a shock absorber. It does make release more comfortable, but will do nothing to steady your aim. The main issue I found, which worked against my purposes, was stealth. The graphics on the bow look nice, but are also visible at night. The limbs are not painted on the sides. The very first thing I did was get the paint out and make it totally black. The sight is good, but the UV light on the sight is (1) not a UV, but just a purple light and, (2) shines everywhere rather than just on your pins. The pins themselves are not fibre optic, just coloured plastic. Without painting the pins black except for your dots, turning the UV on will give you away. I also spent time making a slit to focus the light on my pins, which was time consuming but effective. The other issue is noise. This bow is very loud without spending time on dampening. I found that tying strands of wool on the bowstring was better than cat whiskers, and cheaper too. After a bit of work though, I am now a ninja with this bow. My first night out saw my bag full in no time at all. Great bow if you put some work into it.

Questions (7)
Hi my daugher shoots a rifle left hand, will the Topoint r3 recurve be ok for her? cheers Jonathan

If she shoots a gun Left Handed i would suggest she would find a Left-handed bow the most comfortable. Left-handed bow means you pull the string with your left hand

I would like to purchase this package, and you please contact me on 0409459494 asap , I would like to add a few more items to the purchase and need your input. Can you please put an arrow nock on the string for me also. Thank you

Please give us a ring at 08 8186 4006 if you can any inquiries or alternatively flick us an email at

Hi Mate, I just watched your Youtube review on this product. Thank you, very informative. I am looking for a 'plinker' for my backyard practice (I have a LONG back yard in the hills), so I'm not looking for power, just precision and consistency. I would like to know what types of arrow you would recommend for this particular bow and how much it would cost on top of the package. 2nd question: Is this bow compatible with an arrow release? and if so, are you able to set a release aid point for me? 3rd: what arrow rest would you recommend for this bow? Thank you for taking the time to follow up on my enquiry. Please stay safe and hope to hear you soon Rick

A good option for this bow would be the Skylon Novice or Black Eagle Intrepids both are cheap and purchasable individually or in dozens. Also to answer your second question no a release aid is not designed to be used with any recurve bow.

Would you do the setup for me, or I'll have to do it home?

If you come into the store we can set it up for you. Otherwise if we are shipping it out to you the bow needs to be disassembled to ship.

Are you still able to send recurve bow to WA? Thanks


how do I pick the correct pounds draw string resistance according to my strenght /body size?

Sorry for the delay. Did you still need this info?

Will the topoint wrap around rest and plunger work on this bow? Also is it suitable for an adult with a 28inch draw length. Bow will be used to get me started in bare Bow archery

Did you still need this info?