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Fairweather Finger tab spacer/ring
Rubber spacer which fits in the Fairweather tab.

Fairweather Ring



Product Description

How to work out your sizing:


First you’ll need to work out what size Spacer/Ring module you need. To do this first take a look at your middle finger - the one which will go through the ring. You need to measure the thickest part of this finger. Some people have knuckles that are the thickest part of the finger, and in this case you’ll measure the knuckle. For others, the finger above the knuckle is thicker - so if thats the case for you then measure the finger above the knuckle. 


So, take a 10mm wide strip of paper and wrap it the section of your finger that you need to me

asure -as above.

Spacer/ring size        Measured length*

        17                              56.5mm

        18                              59.5mm

        19                              62.5mm

        20                             66.0mm

        21                               69mm

        22                              72.5mm

        23                              76mm

        24                              79mm

        25                              82mm

Now mark across  the paper strip at the point the end overlaps the loop with a pen . Straighten out the strip and measure the length between the marks where the overlaps were. This length* now can be compared with the chart to select your correct ring size. Generally if you are ‘between’ sizes then go for the smaller size.

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