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Topoint T1 Compound bow 15-70# 19-30"
Machined riser, easy draw length and poundage adjustment. Cams are fully machined. Focus grip like a Mathews.IBO 320fps, axle to axle 31", weight 3.85#


Handle Type

Product Description
  • Bow limb import from USA special limb supplier
  • CNC machining bow riser,material:6061-T6
  • CNC machining bow cam,material:7075-T6
  • Surface finish: anodize or camo water transfer
  • Bow string use BCY material
  • Draw Length:19-30" adjustable,without bow press
  • Draw weight:15-70lbs
  • IBO Rate Up to 320 fps
    Physical Weight 3.85 lbs.
    Axle to Axle 31"
    Brace Height 7"
    Let-off up to 80%
    Draw Weight 15-70 lbs
    Finish Anodized / Camo
    Draw Length 19 - 30"
    Riser Aluminum CNC Machining
    Cam Dual / Adjustable
    Bowstrings BCY
    String Length 58 3/4"
    Cable Length 33 15/16" x 2
    Grip Composite / Soft Touch

1 year warranty
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Questions (2)
Hi, do you have this bow in left hand and if you do what colours. Regards John

We do have them in LH. We will need to check the warehouse for colours, we should have them all but cant be 100%

Hi I am after a setup for a beginner. I am LH 26in draw. Pulling 18lb recurve. Could you tell me if the T1 topoint can be set to this? I realise the draw weight and the let off will be different. If you have a bow scale to tell me the minimum initial weight and the let off weight for my 26in draw length that could help me decide if I should buy this model, which I have had many great reviews. thanks barb

the "TOPOINT T1" only comes as a right handed bow it can to form 15 pound to 70 pound and 19 inches to 30 inches. it has a 80% let-off.