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Spot Hogg Hogg-It 5 pin MRT
Quick Detach - top of the line sight. With Micro adjustment on the housing and each pin is micro adjusted. A super solid tough sight


Product Description
The most accurate pin sight on the market!
No other pin sight on the market offers such complete
micro-adjustability. Put one on your bow and it won’t take you long to realize why it is the #1 choice of top pin shooters around the world.

Quick Release Hogg Knob
Round Pin Guard With Alignment Ring
2nd & 3rd Axis Leveling
Vertical Aiming Wire For Faster Alignment
No Clamp Gang Adjustment
Solid 6061 Aluminum Construction
Dovetail Bow Mount
Standard Weight 9.0 oz.
Precision Installed Bubble
Wrapped Weight 10.5oz.
Individually Micro-Adjustable Pins
Reviews (1)
Name : Andy
Location : East Gippsland
Title : Spot Hogg Hogg-it
Review : Quality Sight , adjusting, windage and elevation is brilliant, so is 2nd and 3rd axis , moving the dovetail mount and securing it in different spots while tuning in, was made very easy with the finger tight screw and once sorted i swapped to the fixed Allen key screw. Pin adjustment , well what a different method this is, takes a little practice to figure out and small movements of the screws is required for the fine tune, once set they are solid, the Bubble is huge . The ring system is a great feature only complaints with the rings is colour options and the shine with the sun over your shoulders , but that my eye's and I am red/green colour blind ,I have noticed on a few forum that users have changed colours due to the same issue. If you have never shot a longer sight, be prepared to work on your form , things like face pressure and grip torque are highlighted with this sight extended full and you really know a bad shot before it's hit the target , which i love ...... AND hate . You are paying for a quality site , very well built .

Questions (2)
I'm looking for RH, 5 pin, 0.010" Spot Hogg Hogg-it MRT. Do you have it.

We have 1x in 0.010 and 3x in 0.019

Pin size?