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Victory .204 RIP XV (Xtreme Velocity) sport Shafts 1dz
Extreme speed. Light weight. The extra strength and penetration of the narrow shaft. Comes with insert and nock. .006 straightness. With Ice coating.

Arrow Cut / Draw Length

Victory Spine

Product Description

If you are looking for maximum downrange speed this is the ideal arrow for you. The Victory RIP XV Extreme Velocity Hunting shaft is designed with one objective - maximum speed and long range performance in a small diameter arrow. By employing our unique composite materials expertise, Victory engineers were able to test, retest and finally settle on an exclusive combination of resins and carbon fibers that make the RIP XV a reality. With Industry leading straightness tolerances of ±.001” and tight weight tolerances coupled with Victory’s Spine alignment process, the RIP XV is truly a one of a kind arrow. The RIP XV is available with a variety of precision 7075 aluminum and stainless steel components.

Spine GPI
250    8.0
300    7.1
350    6.4
400    5.9
500    5.1


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Questions (2)
Hey guys Are these shafts long enough to accommodate a 32inch draw? Also, what's your recommendation on Spline choice if shooting a Hoyt Helix Ultra? 70lbs at 32inches. With 80-100 grain glue in points? Thanks

RIP XVs come at 31" carbon to carbon from the factory. That would work on a bow set at 32"draw. The spine charts would likely recommend 250 spine for that long of a draw length.

Hey guys, just wondering if i can order some of the Extreme velocities in a 250 please.

Just select the 250 spine when ordering them. They are currently in stock.