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Stan Perfex Resistance release
Can change from 3 to 4 finger. Can adjust finger position


Stan Neck Size

Product Description


We first introduced you to the PerfeX platform with a thumb style release aid. But the PerfeX doesn’t stop there; the platform was conceived to included multiple mechanism styles including resistance activated release aids. Regardless of which style you choose, a PerfeX release is a PerfeX release… you will have the same anchor point, the same hand orientation, same fit, and same feel regardless of which style release you pick out of your pouch. Think of it as the culmination of almost 50 years of experience distilled into a single platform made to fit in your hand perfectly and release your bow flawlessly. Think PerfeXTM and you will never have to think about your release again.
Resistance style releases operate by setting the release weight to your holding weight plus some differential. Once at full draw, unlock the release and use backtension to exceed the differential weight and the release will fire. It’s a simpler way to shoot using a hinge because there is no rotation involved, just squeeze with your back and it will fire.
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