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Bear Kodiak recurve 60" 55#
Lovely finished recurve bow -

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Ask around about Bear bows, and you'll surely hear tales of the legendary 59 Kodiak. Throughout the years, Bear has been asked time and again to "bring it back." Out of respect, we were convinced the 59 Kodiak could never, and would never, be duplicated. But, like Mr. Bear himself, we believe in giving people what they want.

  • White Maple I-Beam
  • Purple Heart I-Beam
  • Bolivian rosewood riser
  • Purple Heart accent
  • Grip capped with fiberglass accents
  • 60" AMO length
  • Available in gloss or satin finish
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Questions (1)
I would like to know about purchasing a traditional recurve bow etc. for barebow (assuming I don't get into olympic target). I know nothing about archery and I am male, 5 foot 10 1/2 in height and hence 57yrs old. I have some sporting above average achievements and have a good eye but age is getting the better of me and I don't think I am very strong. I would like to try archery as shotguns cost to much per shot. I like your Win and Win setup on your videos, but I would prefer to free 59 Kodiak or a super Kodiak as compared to a target Win an Win Wiawis Carbon with foam liners.

You strength would build so for a first bow I would start cheap and then when you are ready you can buy an expensive bow like this.