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EVA Foam Archery Target 100X100X6cm
Self healing foam target
Product Description
Reviews (1)
Name : David Whitehead
Location : Queensland
Title : Really good target foam
Review : Bought 2 of these EVA foam panels to make a full height target, after seeing Steve's video on how they work in combination with the target bag. They work extremely well and the foam makes the target faces sit perfectly unlike the bags. Such an improvement on scoring now and easy of pulling the arrows. Very happy with this product.

Questions (8)
Hi, what’s the availability of these 100x100x10 EVA foam targets? Looking for a quantity of 16 or more

We are running out fast. Once gone it will be months befoe the next container arrives.

Whats the density on the foam? Or the hardness in degrees?

This isn't information we have

I have a 60 Pound Compond bow. Would 3 of these together stop the arrows and how long would it last before blow-out or shoot through.

3 together will stop a 60# bow. How long it lasts all depends on how often you shoot, arrows used etc.

Hi, do you think one of these would be enough for a 24# bow (68”) or would 2 be better to be on the safe side? Thanks!

Yes, one of these will stop most recurves. You would need 2 or 3 for higher poundage componds

When will these be available again for purchase?

Hi, These targets are shipped from China, so they are delayed. It seems the corona virus knows no bounds! We expect to have them in any time between 3 and 6 weeks. From the team at Archery Supplies

Good morning Steve how are you doing today mate? Just wondering if three 100x100x10 eva foam targets would stop a 70lb compound arrows? Or what would be the best? Really good YouTube videos too mate well done. Cheers Jeremy Delaney

you will need a couple of these for support. Thanks for watching the videos

Will this be ok for pse stinger compound bow (45lb i think) Cheers Bryn

I use one but I have a bag behind to catch the arrows. I guess you would need 2 or 3 to stop a compound

Is it feasible to post these targets to Melbourne? How much would it cost?

Yes they go everywhere in Australia no problem as they are light and only 1mX1m.