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Junxing M106 Target compound bow Black - Clearance
Axle to Axle 39.5", IBO 320 fps, Brace Height 8.25", Draw 23-30" Bow Weight 4#
Product Description

M106 Both Right And Left Hand Magnesium Aloy Riser Fiberglass Limbs 60lbs Hunting Compound 



AMBIDEXTROUS BOW IBO rating:270-320 fps
Axle - to -Axle:39-1/2" 
Brace Height:8-1/4"
Draw weight:50-60lbs
Draw Lengths:23"—30"
Bow Weight:4.0 lbs


The magnesium alloy handles, stainless steel cable guard. 
use for hunting,practice and competition.
Draw length adjusted during 23-30inches.
PE fiber string which has high intensity as 20 times as steel wire and small stretch.


ACCESSORY: D-loop *1pcs 

                          peep sight *1pcs 

                         rubber Limb damper *2 pcs

                         carbon stop string damper *1pcs


Imported limbs with long life span !





Reviews (2)
Name : David Whitehead
Location : Queensland
Title : 2nd review a year on
Review : Still find this bow to be a really enjoyable bow to use.Did convert the floating yoke to a solid yoke to get better cam alignment but all in all a very good bow for the money. I have a PSE stinger X as well and over 18 meters they shoot very similar scores. Longer distance could be very different but its all the about the enjoyment really and this bow definitely gives you that.

Name : David Whitehead
Location : Queensland
Title : 2018 Junxing 106 40-60# 23-30" RH or LH compound bow
Review : Bought this bow from Archery supplies on Ebay. Had to do a cam alignment and move the 'D'loop to set up the bow correctly,but apart from that this is a bow I could recommend for a beginner and the price.Worth getting the shop to set it up for you if you haven't got the knowledge. I've had some real fun with this bow. Had some amazing scores too.Bought it as a back up bow and really glad I did. Worth every cent.Thanks Steven.

Questions (7)
Hey. is this bow suitable to finger shoot 3 under?

No compound bow is advertised to be suitable for finger shooting. It immediately voids the warranty.

G'day Is this a used/display bow or is it available still in the box. Cheers

These are still in the box

how long does it take to get this bow to the usa

It takes us 4-6 weeks to get a bow from the US.

Hi, are prices shown online including Aus GST and do you deduct the GST when sending to New Zealand? regards Dave

Legally we are required to advertise incl GST. GST is removed at the checkout for international sales

Hello all. I have been looking at a M106 bow as a backup bow. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any in the UK. Do you ship to the UK and if so what would be the cost. Thanks Regards Keith Gregory.

Postage around $100

Guys do you use afterpay

Hi, Thanks for your query. At this point we do not do afterpay. Good luck from the team at Archery Supplies

Greetings, I would like to know if you ship to the United States (Virginia) and what the cost would be to have the Junxing M106 target bow shipped there. Does the one you carry also have the sights included? Thank you, Randall Simmons

Hi Randall, Thanks for contacting us! Yes we ship to the US. The cost of shipping will be calculated during the online purchasing part of the website. Depending on the zip code it could be between AU$80-120 (much cheaper when you convert to USD!) As per the website, the bow is available on its own or you can purchase the bow kit which includes: 5 pin sight, bow quiver, stabilizer, bow string, whicker biscuit arrow rest, peep sight, 6 carbon victory arrows and tips, wrist release. We hope this has been helpful and if there is anything else we can assist with please don't hesitate to contact us. Good luck from the team at Archery Supplies