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JunXing F172 Black Hunter Longbow 60" take down
Shoot off the shelf. Bamboo limbs for added speed.

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Optional Traditional Archery Kit


Back Quiver
Shooting Glove
6 Carbon Feathered Arrows
Reviews (1)
Name : Doug
Location : Pt Noarlunga Sth
Review : This was the 1st bow I got and love still 4yrs later have the recurve too but prefer the reflex deflex . Feels smoother to shoot. I use the skylon frontier 700 and 800 spine arrows for my 35# great combination for me . Great value for money to get people started in traditional archery .

Questions (11)
Need some arrows for the 30lb version of this bow JUNXING F172 BLACK HUNTER LONGBOW 60"TAKE DOWN For an archer that has some experience. Feathered as per your video, but cheapish. What do you recommend, and what price per unit? Thanks so much. Cheers Raoul PS Coming back after buying a bow for my son a year ago.

It is always recommended to check the manufacturer's spine chart. A 700 spine Victory Vforce in Feather Fletch would work fine with that bow. These sell for $70 1/2 dozen flecthed

hi i am interisted in your junxing172 bow first time arrow owner i will be what do you recommend for arrows and what pound

It will depend on how strong you are. Without knowing we would recommend the lowest draw weight available to ensure you can shoot it. Every arrow manufacturer's spine Chart is different, if you were to shoot 30#, a 700-800 spine arrow would suit.

JUNXING F172 BLACK HUNTER LONGBOW 60" .... is this in stock please (30# version), and, what material is the riser? Is it wood laminate, as the photo here looks almost like fibreglass/plastic..... Cheers.

We have only got 35# and heavier left in stock. It is a stained wood riser.

hi, I'd like a dozen arrows to match this now, most economic. thinking 40 to 50lb, possible hunting use. video mentioned a bear skin rest? would I need a stringer too? I'm in Cairns, Australia, what would I be looking at all up? are there payment plan options? thank you

The Skylon Frontier is a great budget arrow for traditional bows. The bow comes with a hair rest, but you will need a stringer. We do not have any payment plans unfortunately

Hi Guy's, is it possible to get recurve limbs for the Junxing Black Hunter 60″ Take Down longbow

While recurve and longbow share the same riser, we do not currently sell the limbs separately.

Hi, What colour risers do you stock for the Junxing F172? Thanks.

All Black Hunters come in the one finish. There is some variation from batch to batch though.

Is this bow set up and suitable for all string materials particularly Fast flight. Cheers

These bows do not come setup. They have reinforced limb tips so should handle FF strings.

I interested in a long bow have never shot before and don’t know what poundage you start at. I’m a big guy but understand you need to start lighter . Suggestions please.

30# is a good starting weight for most guys, or if you already shoot a compound bow about 20# less than your compound.

Hello,how are you i have a view questions My name is Jan Buurmeijer,living in Remscheid ,Germany my e mail adress is can i order something from you and do you shipping to Germany, than how mutch do the shipping cost many greatings, Jan

Yes we can ship to Germany, shipping and handling is calculated at the checkout

Just wondering what the string material is and can it take fast flight string material, cheers

Sorry for the delay. Did you still need this info?

Hello. I would like your advise for the arrow types that would match the Junxing F172 Black Hunter Longbow. I'm new with regards to archery, but I'm very interested on it. The arrows I would like are just for practising for now, but would also like to take up hunting eventually. I would like to know the matching arrow set for [1] Practice, and [2] Hunting. Much appreciated.

Sorry for the delay. Did you still need this info?