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Spot On Rogue Compound bow 30-70# 23.5-30.5" RH Kit
IBO 320 fps, Bow weight 3.9#, Axle to axle 30", brace height 7.4". Bow comes with peep, dloop, 2 piece bow quiver, 12 Carbon arrows, Sight, Rest, Release, stabilizer, sling

Arrow Cut / Draw Length

Handle Type

Bow Maximum Poundage


Product Description

Reviews (1)
Name : Luke
Location : Yankalilla
Title : Rogue
Review : Hey im new to archery and went and seen tge friendly staff at archery suplys they helped me out and set me up with a rogue i dont have much to compare with but a friend of mine has been shooting for years with many diffrent bows and he quite likes it for a cheap bow and basicly said the only reason he wouldnt buy it is because its not a big brand name if it had pse or bowtech on it he said he would buy it for sure im happy thats for sure

Questions (2)
spot on Rogue package. hi there I cant get through on the phone, I want to buy one of these kits but I am new to archery what draw length would I be? I am a stocky 5'11" what else do I need eg cases and broad heads. and what freight to wodonga in Victoria please. Do they come set up as I have no idea how to do that 0409013048

Draw will be 29" we are open 9-3. Bow is setup

hi there I am interested in this package, what else would I need to get going, I am a complete novice at bows... I am guessing a case, a release some broad heads, do I need arrow weights, can you use hay bales for target backing or ply wood, what set up would I have to do or can you guys do that before sending? what freight to Albury NSW please. thanks

Comes with everything you need. A case is $50. Hay bales will be to soft. Box filled with rags or plastic. Bow is setup. Frieght with Fastway is cheap about $18