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Junxing Phoenix compound bow RH (M108)
Axle to axle 40", Brace Height 7", Draw Length 26-31.5", Poundage 30-55#, IBO 315fps


Bow Kit

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What would be a good entry level arrow rest and plunger for this bow

Most people will use a whisker biscuit or drop away with a compound bow. We have no experience setting these up with plungers. I would think any of the longer or XL plungers would fit and you would need a rest like the AAE free flyte.

What is a good arrow (ideally made) to get started with this bow?

Any arrow that spines to the intended draw weight. Something like the Pandarus Infinity

The junxing phoenix target compound bow m108 I live in Baltimore City how much would it cost to ship it to me I want the $400 package please let me know as soon as possible

International shipping for a bow is around $250 AUD

Hi Steven Can you get replacement cams for the Junxing Phoenix M108 bow ? My top cam bush has worn out. Love your youtube bow reviews. Thanks Pierre

Unfortunately, we cant. Sorry.

Hi Steve. Are the accessories that come in the kit reasonable quality? I presume the arrows are pretty basic and I should order something better?

The accessories and arrows are entry-level stuff. All of it works fine. Its the same type of accessories that Steve uses for the reviews. Steve uses more expensive arrows because he already owns them.

Hi Steve Does this have cast or machined cams? Thanks

They appear to be machined by looking at them.

HI Steve, Looking to pickup the bow, but guess I was late in choosing the white kit. Can you please advise roughly when can we expect white to be in stock? I can finish the payment but would need the white bow only. Cheers, Ravi

Junxing just came in, no Pheonixs. Next shipment would be 6 months best-case scenario

Hello Steve, Looking to pickup this bow but was also looking at the option of 12 arrows and the PLANO ULTRA-LITE BOW CASE 1108. Will this case fit the entire kit including arrows? Please advise

This bow won't fit in most hard cases, it is too long.

Do you post to Auckland Nz ?

Yes we do

do yall ship to america, and how much? in us dollars

The website calculates the shipping at the end of the checkout process.

hi guys do know the size i need to ask for to get a full set of decent strings for the pheonix ?

You would need to order a custom set of strings. In the notes just include what bow its for.

Hi, I'm interested in purchasing this bow but am a little concerned about the fletcher hitting the riser when finger shooting. I'm sorry I couldn't tell if it has a bit more of a recess for the fletcher to pass by. My partner brought a bow that turned out no good for finger shooting due to that. Would you possibly be able to try it out with fingers to see if it will be an issue with this bow please? I trust your judgment and advice. Thank you 🙂

Shooting a compound bow with fingers is not advised by any manufacturer. They are simply not designed to be shot that way anymore. But the fletched arrow will be shot without a problem providing your release is straight and perfect. The arrow rest used and your release will effect whether the arrow hits the riser.

Do you ship to USA

Yes, shipping to the US is slow. Expect 5-6 weeks

Does this bow have a spot to place a rear stabilizer?

It does not

What is in the pro package for this bow?

The pro kit includes 5 pin sight whicker biscuit wrist sling stabilizer peep d-loop bow quiver 12 arrows release aid harcase