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Skylon Paragon shafts dz
3,2 Carbon arrows, 40T Carbon. .0015 straightness. Super skinny carbon

Spine Size

Arrow Cut / Draw Length

Product Description

Material: 40-TON Carbon
Inner Diameter: 3.2mm / .125"
Straightness Tolerance: ±.0015"  

1.000" 4.45mm 4.70 30" 60-70-80gr
0.900" 4.50mm 4.81 30" 60-70-80gr
0.850" 4.55mm 4.94 30" 80-90-100gr
0.800" 4.59mm 5.06 31" 80-90-100gr
0.750" 4.63mm 5.31 31" 80-90-100gr
0.700" 4.67mm 5.55 31" 80-90-100gr
0.650" 4.73mm 5.83 31" 80-90-100gr
0.600" 4.78mm 6.10 32" 100-110-120gr
0.550" 4.84mm 6.50 32" 100-110-120gr
0.500" 4.90mm 6.90 32" 100-110-120gr
0.450" 5.04mm 7.42 32" 100-110-120gr
0.400" 5.17mm 7.93 32" 100-110-120gr
0.350" 5.25mm 8.47 32" 100-110-120gr
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Questions (4)
I am after a set of Skylon Paragon Shafts. 18 with 100gn field points. ie: VAP Field points, not screw in. Fletched with either Pin Nocks or Nock Ring and Nocks. Craig

We do not make arrows as the price of a fletching jig is cheaper than the labor to fletch them for you. Arrow shafts are sold by the dozen. You'll find everything you listed above on the website.

Hi 1. Can Easton G pin nocks or assymetric Beiter nocks be used on Skylon paragon shafts? 2. If not, can i use Skylon compound large groove pin nocks for my recurve as my serving is thick ( i normally use recurve large groove Easton pin nocks) 3. How come you dont have spine of 850 for skylon paragon? 4. Can i use FFP 1.87 vanes on Skylon paragon? Thank you. Please reply asap as i need new set of arrows

1. Yes 2. Yes 3. They are out of stock. 4. Yes

Hi, Which small groove nock should i use for the Skylon paragon? Please send me the link from you online store. Regards, Jel

Any of the small groove pin nocks will fit the Skylon Paragon pins.

Do we get the pins and nocks with these like the other skylon arrows please

The Paragon shafts come with pins, no nocks though. All the Skylon target arrows only come with pin bushings.