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Skylon Frontier Arrows Made with 4" Feathers dz
6.2mm Carbon arrows, 24T Carbon. .006 straightness nocks, Insert and Feathers.

Spine Size

Arrow Cut / Draw Length

Product Description

Material: 24-TON Carbon
Inner Diameter: 6.2mm / .244"
Straightness Tolerance: ±.006"  

0.800" 6.85mm 4.20 33"
0.700" 7.00mm 5.12 33"
0.600" 7.05mm 5.58 33"
0.500" 7.12mm 5.80 33"
0.400" 7.35mm 7.33 33"
0.350" 7.39mm 7.61 33"
0.300" 7.55mm 8.50 33"
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Questions (4)
Hi, I would like to order these at 27 inches long, 700 spine. I have a 35 pound longbow. What grain inserts would you recommend for me and which ones do I order on your website? I would like a faster arrow for my lower poundage bow. Thanks!

These come with an Aluminium insert. I would need to check Skylon website for the exact weight but would be about 20-30 grains.

Hi guys can I how do i order these at 32" ? Cheers Nick

You should just be able to scroll down the drop-down menu to 32"

I'm after another dozen frontier 600 full length arrows you previously sent but can't find or work out order. How many do I get of these for the $110?

DZ in the title represents 1 dozen

Do these arrows come with points?

These do NOT come with points