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Knuckle Under Chrome Back Tension Release Conquest
3 / 4 finger. Solid Brass Knuckle Under Chrome Back Tension Triggerless Release by Conquest


Product Description
The Chrome BRASS Knuckle-under™ (patent #6,945,241B2) is made of beautiful HAND POLISHED SOLID BRASS. It is a pure back tension trigger-less release that has a special place on the underside of the handle for the ring finger, which helps the archer to draw safely, by placing pressure on the handle with the finger that’s on the underside of the handle while the archer pulls primarily with the thumb and index finger. This allows full draw to be reached without worrying about misfires. Once at full draw, the ring finger is placed in the regular position on top of the handle and back tension can be used to fire the release.

The smooth operation of the Chrome Brass Knuckle-under™ is sure to impress the most discriminating taste and has a custom feel that makes it seem like it is part of your hand. It comes with a .010 Click-Cam on one side but can be reversed to the non-clicker side.
This release is also equipped with patented micro-adjustable Dial-a Cam™ and Cam-Loc™ features for easy cam adjustment. This patented external dial makes cam adjustment a 5 second maneuver instead of a 5 minute nightmare. It eliminates the guesswork on setting the travel or “speed” of the release.
The Brass Knuckle-under™ also has a spring system called A.R.M. (Auto Reset Mechanism) which automatically returns the head to the “ready to load” position after firing. The release hooks directly to your D-loop and also has a knurled thumb barrel that is offset for more adjust-ability.

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