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Gas Pro GP Spin 1.75" Vanes 50pkt
GP SPIN 175, is our Light est, Soft est, Best Value Spin Vanes. We made this vane with an incredibly soft material that is both durable and extremely light weight. This parabolic vane is designed to achieve high performance on small diameter...


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The 1.75” Spin Vane is the most popular and best-selling spin vane across the world.  But we all know that when Gas Pro makes something, we make it better!  How is our vane better, you ask?  We have reduced the profile height of the vane to optimize arrow rest clearance which provides you with the best and most forgiving arrow flight possible.  We have also utilized our Soft Plus material, made exclusively in Italy, for this one-of-a-kind vane.  When you combine our materials, innovation and expertise, the result is the Gas Pro 1.75” Olympic Efficient Spin Vane.  This vane is designed for Olympic Recurve and Barebow archers shooting anywhere between 10-50 lbs.  Use small diameter arrow shafts to achieve the best arrow groupings down range!


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Questions (2)
The gas pro gp spin 1.75, how do you fletch them? Like spinwings with tape on a line? Or like normal vanes with a Fletching jig and glue? And do you use a parabolic jig or straight jig?

These are fletched like a spin wing.

What is the return policy on these items ?

If the item hasnt been used, and packaging is still perfect then it can be posted back for a refund.