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Traditional Archery Kit
Simply select your new Trad bow and then add this kit to include everything you need to start shooting. Includes- Leather Back Quiver, Leather Armguard, Leather Shooting Glove, Bow Stringer, 6 Carbon Feathered Arrows, Specific items/colours may vary due to availability


Bow Maximum Poundage

Product Description
Some bows do come with things like hair rests from the factory.
You may need one of these additionally, we haven't included them in the kit as it will be unnecessary with lots of bows.
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Hi Archery Supplies, My name is James. I am looking at getting back into archery after not having shot for twenty years. I am pricing equipment to get set up again. Currently I am looking at a RH 40# Oakridge Aspen 68" longbow to use for field archery and target archery. I was also looking at the Traditional Archery kit. Are the arrows included with it long enough (I have a 31" draw) and the correct weight for the Aspen? or would it be better to buy other arrows? If so could you recommend any? I will also eventually buy a fletching jig. thanks and kind regards, James

The arrows are 31-32" in length, we will match the spine to the draw weight of the bow. The arrows in the kit are good quality carbon arrows with feathers, they should be fine for your needs.