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Pandarus Infinity Arrows Made dz
4.2 Carbon arrows, 24T Carbon. Pin nocks, Points and Vanes. .003 straightness. Comes with target break off points - these need to be glued in with a point glue.

Spine Size

Arrow Cut / Draw Length

Product Description

Material: 24-TON Carbon
Inner Diameter: 4.2mm / .166"
Straightness Tolerance: ±.003"  

1.500" 5.05mm 3.8 32" 60-70-80gr
1.300" 5.18mm 4.2 32" 60-70-80gr
1.100" 5.22mm 5 32" 60-70-80gr
1.000" 5.32mm 5.5 32" 60-70-80gr
0.900" 5.36mm 6 32" 60-70-80gr
0.800" 5.48mm 6.15 32" 60-70-80gr or 80-90-100gr
0.700" 5.58mm 6.6 32" 80-90-100gr
0.600" 5.71mm 7.2 32" 80-90-100gr or 100-110-120gr
0.500" 5.88mm 8.1 32" 80-90-100gr or 100-110-120gr
0.400" 6.13mm 9.5 32" 80-90-100gr or 100-110-120gr
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Questions (4)
Do the different spine come in different colours as i have 400 spine and my daughter wants a set for her bow just dont want to have same colours

They come in whatever colours they are fletched with from the factory. They normally do 1 colour for different spines

Hi Looking to get 2 dozen Pandarus Infinity arrows. Which spine should I order for Compound, 29" 45Ib draw? - using an Elite Ember bow. Thanks, Gary McKenzie

600 spine for 40# 500 spine for 50# Both will fly fine out of 45#

Hello. Am shooting compound and my bow pulls about 50-53lbs with a 27.5-28 inch draw. What spine should I get? Am preparing to shoot outdoors competitively. What point weights do you recommend me getting with these arrows? Hope to hear from you the soonest

Typically a 500 spine arow is best for 50 pounds. We would recommend adjusting the point weight to tune. But a lighter point will be faster, a heavier point more likely to be accurate in windy conditions. It is a personal preference.

What poundage compound bow would the pandarus infinity arrows with a 500 spinne suit?

500 spine suits a 50# bow give or take draw length, point weight, and arrow length.