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Pandarus 3.2 Pin dz
Fits Pandarus CA-320, Icepoint, Skylon Paragon, X10,

3.2 ouside size

Product Description
Note the inside size is the same.  The outside size refers to the outside of the arrow.  
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Questions (2)
Hi, I just got some Pandarus Icepoint shafts (600) and just wanted to get more pins and larger pin nocks than the ones included in the package. The question is on your page there is a drop down for "outside size" what is that refers to? ..I'm not sure what or which one to select from there. The other question is which is the most suitable larger pin nocks that suits the pins for that shaft? Thank you Joseph H

The spine chart had the OD listed, for 600's this is 4.9 Any pin nock will fit. Pandarus, Easton, Bohning, AAE, Gold Tip, Beiter etc All are available in large groove.

what are these sizes referring to? there is no explanation..

They are for the outer diameter of the shaft