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Pandarus CA320 Barrel shafts - with Stainless Steel points
Alloy/Carbon like X10 shafts. Come with collars for nocks and points. comes with nocks and Tungsten points. .0015 straight. Fits X10 components.

Spine CA320

Product Description
Spine      GPI
325          9.2
350         8.9
380         8.68
410          8.6
450          8.12
500         7.81
550         7.62

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Questions (5)
Your web page says Pandarus 320 barrel arrows comes with nocks and stainless points and then says tungsten points. Can you clarify before I look at purchasing.

The title of the listing specifies Stainless points, the option with Tungsten with have 'with Tungsten point' in the title.

Hi, do you sell these arrows cut and with points and pin nocks made up? Cheers Adrian.

These arrows come with all the components excluding fletching. We can cut the arrows for you but do not glue components in.

Can I buy this product but just arrow shafts only ?

These are only available with components at the moment.

I am looking to buy the Pandarus ca320 arrow as an alternative to the Easton X10. My 68 inch recurve bow has Hoyts axis limbs and a draw weight of 38 lb. My current arrows are 29 inch nock point to tip. Can you confirm that steel points, large nocks and collars come with the arrows. I need the arrows cut so the made up length is 29 inch. Is this possible. Rod

Yes, all the components come with the arrows providing you order this listing. It would be safer for you to measure your current arrows carbon to carbon as the nocks and points may be different lengths. When selecting the length you want your arrows it will ask for the measurement in carbon to carbon.

come with stainless points or tungsten points ?

These particular ones come with Stainless as per title. The Tungsten points will be in the title of the CA-320 with tungsten