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Pandarus Icepoint .001 arrows dz
Arrows come with points, pin, nocks and collars all made. Made with 1.75" vanes. Arrows are cut at shaft length. Points need to be glued in

Spine Size

Arrow Cut / Draw Length

Product Description


The ICEPOINT 100% high modual carbon arrow was designed for long-range target accuracy, super slim shaft maximum speed and accuracy with extremely less wind deflection. The high modual carbon is customized specially, fully considered the GPI and also the balance between rigidity & toughness of the shaft, which make the arrow has unmatched durability and straightness retention. Icepoint gold label is highest performing all-carbon arrow designed for all-purpose outdoor tournament use in Pandarus full series., ICEPOINT gold label with 0.001 straightness, it’s less expensive and ideal for the archers who want lower cost.


  • 3.2mm/0.125” ID, super Micro diameter design
  • High modual 40T carbon material
  • Straightness: ±.001″
  • Spine aligned
  • Weight tolerance per DZ: +/-1gr (for gold label)
  • Premium hardened stainless steel points, 7075 PIN and end collar supplied
  • 12 arrows per pack


Spine Outer Diameter GPI Point Weight Recommened Length Point Size Pin Size
350 5.45mm 9.15 100-110-120gr 32'' 5.60mm 5.50mm
400 5.40mm 9 100-110-120gr 32'' 5.40mm 5.50mm
450 5.32mm 8.56 100-110-120gr 32'' 5.40mm 5.30mm
500 5.20mm 7.93 100-110-120gr 32'' 5.20mm 5.30mm
550 5.07mm 7.31 100-110-120gr 32'' 5.20mm 5.10mm
600 4.98mm 6.90 100-110-120gr 32'' 5.20mm 5.10mm
650 4.90mm 6.50 100-110-120gr 31'' 5.0mm 4.90mm
700 4.83mm 6.16 100-110-120gr 31'' 5.0mm 4.70mm
750 4.76mm 5.85 80-90-100gr 31'' 5.0mm 4.70mm
800 4.70mm 5.56 80-90-100gr 31'' 4.80mm 4.50mm
850 4.64mm 5.12 80-90-100gr 30'' 4.80mm 4.50mm
900 4.60mm 5.12 80-90-100gr 30'' 4.80mm 4.50mm
950 4.55mm 4.93 80-90-100gr 30'' 4.80mm 4.50mm
1000 4.44mm 4.68 80-90-100gr 30'' 4.80mm 4.50mm
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