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Pandarus Hunters precision Arrows Made EACH
6.2 Carbon arrow, 24T Carbon. Insert nock, Head and 2" Vanes. .003 straightness. Comes with Screw In Combo Field Head

Spine Size

Product Description


The PRECISION is built with 100% carbon construction in standard-diameter, light weight design selectively engineered to maximize speed and flatten trajectory, every arrow is digitally spine aligned and Straightness tolerances are held to a standard of .003 for increased accuracy and each shoot consistency, it’s ideal for Field, target and 3D shooting.



  • High-strength carbon fibres
  • Pre-fletched with 2” high profile vane
  • Straightness: ± .003″
  • Spine alinged, range from 300-800
  • 12 arrows per pack


Spine Inner Diameter Outer Diameter GPI Tip Weight Length
300 6.2mm/0.245'' 7.50mm 8.35 100gr 32''
350 6.2mm/0.245'' 7.40mm 7.77 100gr 32''
400 6.2mm/0.245'' 7.35mm 7.30 100gr 32''
500 6.2mm/0.245'' 7.12mm 5.86 100gr 32''
600 6.2mm/0.245'' 7.06mm 5.30 100gr 32''
700 6.2mm/0.245'' 6.96mm 4.73 100gr 32''
800 6.2mm/0.245'' 6.90mm 4.40 100gr 32''
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