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AAE Plastinock 100 pkt
Double snap design, longer ears and angled throat keeps the nock on the string at any angle.

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Nock Colours

Product Description

AAE's Plastinocks have a double snap design that gives a positive string fit but allows the arrow to leave the bowstring smoothly. Longer ears and angled throat design keep the nock on the bowstring at any string angle. A thin base gives the nock a perfect blend to the arrow shaft.
Available in:
* Four sizes: 1/4", 9/32", 5/16" or 11/32"
* Eight Colors: Black, Blue, Flu. Green, Flu. Orange, Flu. Ruby, Purple, Red, or White

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Questions (4)
Will these nocks fit a 1916 Easton Jazz arrow shaft?

Yes - 5/16

Are these available in red 5/16 and 11/32 Ta


What size do you recommend for a compound bow

The size depends on the Shaft you are using. Very few shafts still use these nocks. The most common size is 5/16

Do these noks work on compound bows