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PSE Carbon Force Raven Arrows Made 4" vanes 40-60# dz - clearance
1dz PSE Radial X Weave Arrows 200 arrow size. Note 200 is equivalent of 400 spine
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Product Description
1dz PSE Radial X Weave Arrows.

100= 6.3gpi, 30-50# , Yellow & White Blazer Vanes

200=6.7gpi, 45-60#, Red & White PSE Fusion Vanes

300=7.8gpi, 55-470#,  Red & White PSE Fusion Vanes

Arrows are all full length. Inserts are included & not glued in.

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Questions (3)
Hi, I'm thinking about getting the Saunders Combo Points to go with these arrows. What size tips will fit the 100 spine? Bow length 66 inch and draw length 25 inch if that helps.


hi I have a cruzer bear bow and am looking to buy some arrows would these ones suite for my bow


are these in stock ?