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Predator LoBo longbow 64" 52# LH (ex-display)
Ex-display Predator Lobo. Brand new, but has small scuff marks and a scratch in the clear coat on limb tips from being on display in-store.
Product Description
Recurve Performance - Longbow Simplicity

The LoBo is a reflex/deflex hybrid which combines the recurve performance of the Predator take-down with the elegant simplicity of a one-piece longbow. Our purpose was to develop a shorter hunter-focused longbow model that delivered on all the key benefits of the heralded Predator recurve line, such as class-leading speed, smooth draw, ergonomic grip profile, point-of-aim arrow shelf and aesthetic wood combinations.

One of the hallmarks of the LoBo is its slim, self-locating grip. This grip design is a direct carryover from the Predator recurve and, like the Predator, it gives the LoBo optimal hand alignment and neutralizes torque for consistent shot dynamics. Another key design element is the low arrow shelf. This allows the arrow to ride just above the archer's knuckle to help deliver the elusive "shoot-where-you-look" advantage so sought after by true instinctive shooters.


Bow Lengths: 64 inch
Draw Weights: 52 lbs.
String: Flemish weave; D97, FF, etc.

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